Raccoon and Skunk Removal – Clarendon Hills, Illinois

Nuisance Wildlife Control provides wildlife control services for the Clarendon Hills, Illinois region. We provide removal and remediation services for raccoon, skunk, opossum, squirrel, pigeon, and bat infestations

Raccoon Removal or Raccoon problems in Clarendon Hills, Illinois.

Every summer the citizens of Clarendon Hills take part in the local “Dancin’ in the Street!” celebration which won the 2012 Illinois Governor’s Hometown Award. Clarendon Hills is also home to former pro basketball center, Bill Laimbeer, who played on the 1989-1990 NBA Champion Detroit Pistons team. Clarendon Hills schools rank as some of the best in the nation. The Village has a long and rich history dating back to the mid 1850’s. The Village of West Hinsdale came to be known as The Village of Clarendon hills in 1873. With its abundance of parks, open green spaces and historic architecture, the Village makes a hospitable environment for raccoons and other wildlife species to take up residence inside homes and businesses. Raccoons can cause damage to roofs, soffit vents and destroy attic and wall insulation. At Nuisance Wildlife Control, we know how to handle all aspects of raccoon interactions with humans and property. Many insurance policys cover damage caused by raccoons and we can provide repair and wildlife exclusion services or recommend quality contractors who can also provide these services. Contact us immediately at (630)416-9920 or simply use our appointment scheduler if you are currently experiencing a raccoon intrusion.

Raccoon prevention tips:

  • Don’t feed them.
  • Don’t keep your pets food outside.
  • Keep your garbage inside the garage until garbage day.
  • Install commercial chimney caps.
  • Install hardware cloth inside attic vent and openings.
  • Repair broken, weak or rotted areas on your roof, soffit and fascia.
  • Trim tree branches that provide animals with access to your roof.
  • Before hiring an animal control specialist, verify they have a DNR permit.

Skunk Removal or Skunk problems in Clarendon Hills, IL

Skunks are attracted to homes in Clarendon Hills areas by the ready availability of food, water, and shelter. They become a nuisance when they make their home under porches, decks, garden tool sheds, or homes. They like to feed on ripening berries and fallen fruit and cause many other garden problems by digging while in search of grubs and other insects. Like raccoons, they may also damage lawns by rolling back sections of sod in search of insects. The most famous feature of the skunk is that they are equipped with a powerful scent gland that can shoot a pungent liquid as far as 10 feet. Skunk spray is acrid enough to cause nausea and can produce severe burning and temporary blindness if it strikes the eyes. We trap skunks using specially made traps that are fully enclosed to prevent your house from being sprayed directly. Nuisance wildlife control has been safely successfully trapping and removing skunks from Clarendon Hills homes and businesses for over 15 years. Contact us immediately at (630)416-9920 or simply use our appointment scheduler if you are currently experiencing a skunk intrusion.

Squirrel Removal or Squirrel problems in Clarendon Hills, IL

With a leap off a nearby branch a squirrel is on your roof. It will destroy your fascia and soffit by chewing a hole or holes. They will destroy insulation and roofing. Trapping squirrels and removing squirrels in Clarendon Hills, Illinois is an appointment request or phone call away. We offer tree trimming as well as any repairs.

Bat Removal and Bat Problems, Clarendon Hills, IL

These flying bug eaters cannot be allowed to take up residence at your home. They live in colonies that can number in the hundreds or even thousands. The health risks involved with these animals is a primary concern. Our techniques and methods for removing bats and bat colonies in Clarendon Hills, Illinois works without harming a single bat and works every time. Call us anytime or set up an appointment for bat and bat colony removal in Clarendon Hills, Illinois. We also offer attic remediation from bat guano.

Bird Removal, Clarendon Hills, IL

The most common type of nuisance bird in this area is a pigeon. They were brought here as a domesticated bird, and many escaped forming feral populations. Clarendon Hills, IL and other areas of DuPage County have an extremely prevelant pigeon population. Their defecation is not only unsightly, but can cause a more rapid deterioration to buildings and homes. Nuisance Wildlife Control specializes in trapping and removing these birds. We can also place a wire meshing and bird netting to make sure that these animals do not roost on your property again.

Bird removal or Bird problems in Clarendon Hills Illinois

A bathroom exhaust vent or microwave vent is a popular spot for birds to fly into and make nests. Loud chirping, flapping and disgusting smells are a direct result. I have all the tools to get rid of your birds, their nests and am able to clean /disinfect your vents. I also install bird barriers to prevent a repeat. Ring us up at (630) 416-9920 or set an appointment up at nuisancewildlifetrapping.com

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