Raccoon and Skunk Removal – Downers Grove, Illinois

Nuisance wildlife control provides wildlife control services for the Downers Grove, Illinois region. We provide removal and remediation services for raccoon, skunk, opossum, squirrel, pigeon, and bat infestations

Raccoon Removal or Raccoon problems in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Downers Grove, IL founded in 1832 is found along the I-355 and I-88 corridor in Dosage County. Bordered by Lyman Woods and Maple Grove Forest Preserve this city has been designated a Tree City USA for the past 22 years. The Burlington Northern railroad tracks runs through the down town with many shops and restaurants. You can find very nice examples of older homes within proximity of new subdivisions. We have helped homeowners with raccoon trapping and removal since the mid 90’s. Raccoons will get under decks, sheds and even end up inside of garages and attics. Let our experience trapping raccoons and removing raccoons relieve you of this problem. Phone us or use the appointment scheduler to get the job done.

Raccoon prevention tips:

  • Don’t feed them.
  • Don’t keep your pets food outside.
  • Keep your garbage inside the garage until garbage day.
  • Install commercial chimney caps.
  • Install hardware cloth inside attic vent and openings.
  • Repair broken, weak or rotted areas on your roof, soffit and fascia.
  • Trim tree branches that provide animals with access to your roof.
  • Before hiring an animal control specialist, verify they have a DNR permit.

Skunk removal, Downers Grove, IL

These black and white striped beauties are no strangers to Downers Grove, Illinois and surrounding towns. Most people don’t know they have a skunk problem until begin to detect that unmistakable stench. Skunks are excavation experts and will burrow under structures. We have perfected skunk trapping and skunk removal in Downers Grove, IL. Give us a ring or fill out the scheduler on this site, to alleviate your skunk problems.

Squirrel Removal, Downers Grove, IL

Squirrels cause expensive damage to houses each year. They gnaw holes and get into walls and roofs. We are absolutely ready to take on your squirrel issues and consult with you on how to prevent it from repeating. For squirrel trapping and squirrel removal for Downers Grove, Illinois pick up the phone or make an appointment on line, we can help.

Bat Removal and Bat Problems, Downers Grove, IL

These little flying mammals are incredibly beneficial to us for the amount of insects they feed on. Bats and bat colonies are not welcome to take up residence in our homes. There are significant health issues with bats and bat colonies. Let our bat professional deal with bat removal and bat eviction in Downers Grove, Illinois.

Bird Removal, Downers Grove, IL

Birds inside bathroom exhaust vents Are you hearing chirping inside your microwave These are the 2 primary places birds will gain access to, build nests and raise their young. Lots of health problems with this situation. Removing birds and bird nests in Downers Grove, Illinois is a phone call away. If you prefer, leave your info on the appointment scheduler.

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