Raccoon and Skunk Removal – Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Nuisance wildlife control provides wildlife control services for the Glen Ellyn, Illinois region. We provide removal and remediation services for raccoon, skunk, opossum, squirrel, pigeon, and bat infestations

Raccoon Removal or Raccoon problems in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Glen Ellyn is home to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center, an education center and a wildlife rehabilitation center operated by the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County. Located on a 50-acre preserve in Glen Ellyn, the Willowbrook Wildlife Center is a haven for permanently disabled eagles, songbirds, owls, raccoons, and some 80 other native Illinois wildlife species. The abundance of natural green spaces in Glen Ellyn also provide habitat for one of Illinois’ most prolific wildlife species, the Raccoon. Raccoons are curious and industrious creatures that are adept at finding their way into your home through small openings in your roof. Spilled garbage and damaged roofs are also signs of a raccoon presence. Raccoons will also make their way inside a chimney and have babies on top of the smoke shelf. Nuisance Wildlife Control utilizes special traps for removing raccoons. We can solve most unwanted wildlife interactions and also prevent further intrusions into your Glen Ellyn home. If your are experiencing a raccoon problem, contact us at (630)416-9920, or use our on line appointment scheduler

Raccoon prevention tips:

  • Don’t feed them.
  • Don’t keep your pets food outside.
  • Keep your garbage inside the garage until garbage day.
  • Install commercial chimney caps.
  • Install hardware cloth inside attic vent and openings.
  • Repair broken, weak or rotted areas on your roof, soffit and fascia.
  • Trim tree branches that provide animals with access to your roof.
  • Before hiring an animal control specialist, verify they have a DNR permit.

Skunk Removal or Skunk problems in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

Nuisance Wildlife Control has been trapping and removing skunks in Glen Ellyn for over 20 years. We have a proven track record of humanely and safely removing skunks from your Glen Ellyn home. Skunks will regularly end up under structures where they will raise their young. We trap skunks using skunk traps which prevent the skunk from spraying your home or building. Skunks that have sprayed in self defense or in fights during the mating season can fill a home or building with an unbearably pungent odor. In the fall, a skunks presence can be noticed by torn up sod. They will tear up lawns in search of grubs and other insects. If your are experiencing a skunk problem, contact us at (630)416-9920, or use our on line appointment scheduler

Squirrel Removal, Glen Ellyn, IL

Squirrels can have two litters a year. Often their home is up in the attic and even walls. Climbing trees or even certain types of siding they will chew on your fascia and enter that way. Squirrels will destroy insulation building their nests. I provide squirrel trapping in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Complete an appointment request or just phone us.

Bat Removal and Bat Problems, Glen Ellyn, IL

Brown bats are plentiful in the area. But, sometimes they will end up in house attics or even the soffits. These protected little mammals are evicted with non-lethal expertise and efficiency. If you need bat eviction in Glen Ellyn, Illinois get a hold of us by phone or e-mail right away.

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