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Nuisance wildlife control provides wildlife control services for the Hanover Park, Illinois region. We provide removal and remediation services for raccoon, skunk, opossum, squirrel, pigeon, and bat infestations

Raccoon Removal or Raccoon problems in Hanover Park, Illinois.

Hanover Park has a robust and growing community of nearly 12,000 families. As scores of new homes emerge on former farm sites and prairie 30 miles northwest of Chicago, Hanover Park also plays host to a wide variey of wildlife who often take up residence underneath porches, inside chimneys and in roofs of homes. Soiled insulation, damage to roofing, stained drywall and loud noises coming from your attic in Hanover Park Illinois indicates that a raccoon may be present in your home. Nuisance Wildlife Control provides raccoon trapping services and raccoon damage repair services for Hanover Park homes and businesses.

Raccoon prevention tips:

  • Don’t feed them.
  • Don’t keep your pets food outside.
  • Keep your garbage inside the garage until garbage day.
  • Install commercial chimney caps.
  • Install hardware cloth inside attic vent and openings.
  • Repair broken, weak or rotted areas on your roof, soffit and fascia.
  • Trim tree branches that provide animals with access to your roof.
  • Before hiring an animal control specialist, verify they have a DNR permit.

Skunk removal and Skunk problems in Hanover Park, IL

Skunks burrow under and around your buildings or homes in Hanover Park Illinois. Skunks damage lawns by digging up yards for grubs. Odors from a skunk that has sprayed will enter your home or building. We use special skunk traps and methods to keep this at a minimum. Skunks will excavate homes next to buildings and under concrete sidewalks and porches in Hanover Park Illinois.

Squirrel Removal and Squirrel problems in Hanover Park, IL

With an abundance of open prairies, forest preserves and golf courses, Hanover Park has a large squirrel population. Squirrels often access your home or building by jumping off a branch or limb. Squirrel damage is caused primarily by chewing through soffits, fascia or even electrical wiring. Squirrel trapping and squirrel removal in Hanover Park Illinois can be easily remedied by Nuisance Wildlife Control

Bat Removal and Bat Problems in Hanover Park, IL

Bats live in colonies and will enter into homes or buildings by squeezing through cracks in mortar, behind siding or holes in the roof. They can be detected by scratching noises inside walls and ceilings. Bats can be harmlessly evicted in Hanover Park Illinois with devices and methods we use. We can remove guano, disinfect and clean up areas that have been soiled. Phone us at (630)416-9920 or fill out an appointment request at nuisancewildlifetrapping.com for safe and effective bat eviction and bat removal in Hanover Park Illinois.

Bird Removal and Bird Problems in Hanover Park, IL

Hearing fluttering and bird noises in your home or building Don’t put up with the smells, noises and health issues caused by a bird infestation. We remove birds and nests. In addition we can clean, disinfect and install a permanent barrier to keep birds out. Bird removal problems or birds inside vents in Hanover Park, Illinois is a phone call away at (630) 416-9920 or get an e-mail to us Setup An Appointment Our Contact Page.

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