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Nuisance wildlife control provides wildlife control services for the Hinsdale, Illinois region. We provide removal and remediation services for raccoon, skunk, opossum, squirrel, pigeon, and bat infestations

Raccoon Removal or Raccoon problems in Hinsdale, Illinois.

The rolling wooded lots of this town are the setting for fantastic architecture of all types of homes and buildings. It shares Dupage County with Cook County and is easily located along I-294 and I-55. Like a lot of wooded towns, Hinsdale has its’ share of raccoon issues. With huge mature trees that canopy these beautiful homes, they will provide a pathway for raccoons to set foot on rooftops and gain entry into attics, and soffits. Raccoons will open up roofing or crawl through vents in order to have a place to raise a family of noisy crying young. Raccoon damage costs insurance companies thousands of dollars each year. With a thorough inspection, I can quickly determine how and where raccoons have gotten inside. I will then my traps accordingly. Trapping and removing raccoons in Hinsdale, Illinois is done in a safe and humane manner. I also offer Raccoon damage repairs including attic remediation through your insurance company. Contact us immediately at (630)416-9920 or simply use our appointment scheduler if you are experiencing a raccoon intrusion in your home.

Raccoon prevention tips:

  • Don’t feed them.
  • Don’t keep your pets food outside.
  • Keep your garbage inside the garage until garbage day.
  • Install commercial chimney caps.
  • Install hardware cloth inside attic vent and openings.
  • Repair broken, weak or rotted areas on your roof, soffit and fascia.
  • Trim tree branches that provide animals with access to your roof.
  • Before hiring an animal control specialist, verify they have a DNR permit.

Skunk removal, Hinsdale, IL

Like raccoons, skunks are omnivorous and nocturnal. Excavation experts, these mammals will claw their way under concrete stoops, sidewalks and porches. Other favorite spots can be under a deck or playhouse/shed. Skunks are active year round and in the spring are capable of up to 10 young. A lot of people ignore the entrances to their dens as rabbit holes until, THAT odor begins to reach every nook in their home. DO NOT WAIT! For skunk trapping/skunk removal in Hinsdale, Illinois contact us immediately at (630)416-9920 or simply use our appointment schedulerif you are experiencing a raccoon intrusion in your home..

Squirrel Removal, Hinsdale, IL

Trees too close to a house provide a natural spring board for squirrels. They typically get into the roof by gnawing a hole along the roofline. I have seen them crawl through gable and roof top vents. Being rodents, they are constantly keeping their teeth sharpened and trimmed by gnawing. Inside an attic, they have been known to chew on wire insulation as well as rafters etc. I have the knowledge and the trapping techniques to rid you of these arboreal rodents. Squirrel Removal/Squirrel trapping is only a call away, or if you prefer, get an e-mail to us for an appointment.

Bat Removal and Bat Problems, Hinsdale, IL

It is amazing how many pesky insects, bats can devour in a nights flight. Although beneficial to man, bats can cause issues to home owners and property managers. Health risks due to their droppings (guano) are a concern. If you find a bat in a room of the house, close the room up and do not allow anyone in until it has been cleared by a professional. Bats are protected by law and can’t be harmed. We have eviction devices that let them check out, but not check in. For all bat eviction/bat removal in Hinsdale, Illinois phone or complete the request form.

Bird Removal, Hinsdale, IL

The most common type of nuisance bird in this area is a pigeon. They were brought here as a domesticated bird, and many escaped forming feral populations. Hinsdale, IL and other areas of DuPage County and Cook County have an extremely prevelant pigeon population. Their defecation is not only unsightly, but can cause a more rapid deterioration to buildings and homes. Nuisance Wildlife Control specializes in trapping and removing these birds. We can also place a wire meshing and bird netting to make sure that these animals do not roost on your property again.

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