Raccoons On My Roof

Leanne S. – Lemont, Illinois

“I had seen raccoons on my roof and heard noises in my attic. I called Jerry and he came over and immediately found where the raccoons were accessing my roof and going thru a soffit into my attic. He did exactly what he said was going to do and there were no surprises with his prices . He caught two raccoons 1 was a female and 1 was a male. I believe Jerry prevented that female from having babies in my attic. Excellent job.”

Raccoon Family Under Our Deck

Jonathan – Naperville, Illinois

“We had a raccoon family under our deck this summer. After looking at several websites to find someone to call for help, I felt the most comfortable calling Jerry. I am glad I did! Jerry talked me through the whole process so I knew all of my options. He was upfront and honest with all of the expenses, and I felt like he treated me as though I was a family member he was helping out. The raccoons were trapped quickly, and the whole process was over within a few days. I hope I never need to call him again for wildlife nuisance, but I will not hesitate to call him again if needed. I highly recommend his services!”

22lb. Male Raccoon Problem

Kris – Naperville, Illinois

“Jerry has provided exceptional service and are extremely professional in everything they do! We had a raccoon exploring around our house so we called around for quotes. After leaving messages with other companies, we finally called Nuisance Wildlife Control. Jerry picked right up and took the time to listen to our problem and provide step by step details on what to expect. We only wish we would have called him first! He was out within a couple of hours and did a complete walk around our property and was thorough in explaining what he saw. He solved our 22lb. male raccoon problem and caught it as promised. Through his technological night vision camera, he also caught activity of a possom so we wanted to keep the trap set for that. Within a day another raccoon was caught! We are definitely setting another trap with Jerry to try and get that opossum and hopefully other scoundrels roaming our yard. Do yourself a favor, if you see any havoc-creating animals call Jerry first. We are so lucky we found Jerry and will use him for any and all animal control going forward.”

Smarter than a Fifth Grader

Tom – Downers Grove, Illinois

“Raccoons! Jerry, is definitely “Smarter than a Fifth Grader and Raccoons” I called Nuisance Wildlife Control after seeing a large raccoon climbing through my attic power vent. I found this company on the internet and decided to call them as they were local to me. I also thought that his approach to trap them was a better way. He called me back right away, and came out with traps that same day. We had rain scheduled for the next 5 days so when he set the trap, he also made sure we were weather-tight from the elements. Little did we know this was the start to getting this thing for the next 5 days. Sometimes it’s quick and sometimes it’s takes time. We could hear them (mom & Babies) for several evenings, but nothing. Jerry suggested a different trap on the roof that would appear open to night sky and changed it 3 days into this. Finally 2 days later it finally came out and was caught. Yes being caught is the outcome we wanted, but most important is the communication between us, and I would say that was “Top Notch”. He also came out each day and showed concern for for not only our house, but wanting to get rid of our critter. While doing this communication is key and you could choose no better guy and company. If you are in his service area call him, you will be pleased. If you get into this situation, and find yourself making phone calls and trying to get estimated prices, you will soon find out that its not cheap. You will find Nuisance Wildlife Control to be reasonable and I can tell you the level of service and communication is worth every dime! He also has a special book of protective wire baskets that you can protect yourself from the critters in the future. THANKS!”

Our Dog Got Sprayed By A Skunk


“Our dog got sprayed by a skunk early one morning in November. By mid day I contacted Jerry about coming out to our home. He was prompt on calling me back, was clear about his process and services. He came out the same day and set one trap. After two days of nothing, Jerry called me and said he was going to try another set up and would check the traps each day. He came by, re-baited and moved the two traps around looking for signs of where the animal was coming through. He regularly called me to give me an update. After about a week, he finally trapped what we hope is the only skunk around our yard. He was certain he would get it and he did. Jerry was great, helpful and diligent in assisting us. I would use him for sure in the future and would recommend him to others.”

Coyote In Hot Pursuit!

Cathy and Dave

” Jerry, We enjoy nature at it’s best but having wild animals invade your space can be daunting. So we wanted to thank you for your quick response & successful trapping of both the skunk under our deck and the raccoon tearing up our back lawn. Never mind the coyote in hot pursuit! I phoned you on the Friday of Labor Day weekend and within 2 hours you had arrived at our home, surveyed the situation and had your camera & traps set up, ready to go. While we were enjoying the long weekend in Chicago, you monitored the traps and kept us informed by phone & e-mail. We found you experienced, efficient and respectful. We would definitely recommend your services to others.”

I Was Taking My Boat Cover Off My Boat

Dane in Plainfield, Illinois

“I am very grateful to Jerry for coming out late in the afternoon last week. I was taking my boat cover off my boat from the winter, and noticed an unusual odor. Upon finding feces on one of my boat seats, I began to do some exploring. When I moved back a stern cover, a raccoon came sprinting out and jumped over the side onto our dock. Needless to say, I didn’t expect it. Listening more, I heard her two babies crying. That’s when I called Jerry. He came out right away and set a trap for the mother, hoping she’d come back for her babies. She didn’t come back that night, so Jerry had to take the babies away. He set a bait trap, hoping the mother would come back the second night. Nothing. The mother may have been very young and never returned, even four days later. Jerry and Jim were extremely professional, punctual, and in communication. They have removed the trap, and all is well. If anyone needs experts in nuisance wildlife removal, I highly recommend trapper1. Thanks guys! “

Explosion Of Skunks in Hinsdale

David in Hinsdale

“There’s been an apparent explosion of skunks in Hinsdale this summer, and last week we had evidence of skunks digging in our yard and doing extensive damage. The same day I called Jerry, he had traps set and had identified some possible ways they were accessing the yard and perhaps burrowing. After one day, we had pictures of the guilty critters and two days later had trapped and removed them; with Jim’s help, we then proceeded to close up the passages they were using to enter our yard and sealed up the potential burrows. I was impressed with the prompt, courteous, thorough and extremely professional manner by which Jerry solved our problem. They were a pleasure to work with and learn from. While I hope I never again need their services, if I ever do I’ll know exactly who to call. Thanks, gentlemen! “

Dead Animal Smell

Janice W. in Woodridge

“I would highly recommend Jerry. They are very professional and courteous. I had a dead animal smell coming from under my deck and was coming into my home. They tracked it to under an old cement stoop under my deck. They had to cut some of my deck and remove several layers of concrete to find the opossum. Needless to say to was a very difficult job. They restored everything before leaving.”

“Trapped” With Raccoons In My House

Jenni in Naperville

“Unfortunately, I hired a different service when I first heard animals in my attic. They came and set a baited trap, then were completely unresponsive. When I fired them, they refused to remove their trap (which wasn’t working at all), leaving ME basically “trapped” with raccoons in my house. Fortunately, my next call was to Jerry. He saved the day! With mama raccoon now alerted to human danger (a baited trap on my roof for two weeks), only a true expert could solve this dilemma. Within a week, Jerry had trapped the mother and removed all three babies. His communication was outstanding, he was a pleasure to have at my home, and his knowledge is exceptional. I hope to never deal with raccoons again, but if I ever do, I won’t hesitate to call Jerry! “

I Saw A Raccoon Emerge

Jim C.

“I noticed that I had a hole in my roof and saw a raccoon emerge. I called a local roofer who recommended trapper1.com I called Jerry and he was extremely professional and thorough. He let me know the cost and procedures. He came out on a Friday and set two traps. He caught the mother that night and returned on Saturday. He told ne that she had babies that were old enough to be mobile. He reset the traps and caught one baby that night. Jerry came out on Memorial Day to take care of the baby He ended up trapping 6 babies and mom. The price was what he quoted even though he came on Saturday and a holiday. I would definitely recommend them. “

Tricky Situation

John and Mary C.

“My mom had a really tricky situation with a squirrel that got into her attic and house through her attic fan. Jerry came out initially with his co-worker in a very fast manner and put my mom at ease with the way he described the situation to her. They caught one squirrel and thought that was the one causing the problems but there was another. Jerry spoke on the phone to my mom and came out endless amounts of times to make sure she was okay and to ensure the second squirrel was caught. Jerry is a true professional and is fantastic in his approach with the victims of these intruders!!!! Thanks Jerry!!!!”

Squirrels in my Attic

Malou R

I had squirrels in my attic crawl space as I could hear them on the ceiling of my bedroom. Jerry came immediately, set the trap and caught them. He was wonderful to work with. He explained what he was going to do, came every day to remove the squirrels that were caught, was thorough in making sure we had gotten them all and was prompt in returning any phone calls I made to him. The service was OUTSTANDING.”

Our Dog Alerted Us Of Noises

Marty and Michelle

“Our dog alerted us of noises in our basement fireplace. We heard scratching and crying sounds along with loud bumps in the night. We called Jerry after finding him on the internet. He was highly rated so we decided to call him. Within one day Jerry came over in an unmarked vehicle to keep our dignity intact, which we appreciated. He was very friendly, down-to-earth and professional. Jerry told us exactly what was going to happen, step by step, walking us through the process. He installed a trap in the chimney to trap the mother raccoon. The next day Jerry came over and removed the mother from the roof, and proceeded to remove 5 babies from the shelf behind the damper in the fireplace. It was done in a very timely and humane manner. Jerry was very courteous and respectful of our home making sure he cleaned up all debris in and around the fireplace and on the roof. He also recommended helpful tips for the future such as changing our dryer vent because the existing one was a fire trap. He pointed out which trees to cut down to avoid other critters coming into the house. We are very pleased with Jerry’s work. He really knows his stuff. We highly recommend him to everyone and will use him again if needed. Excellent work! Jerry made an unpleasant situation into a pleasant experience. Thank you Jerry.”

Critter In The Attic

Mike and Erika

“We called Jerry one morning after hearing a critter in the attic area above our bedroom just before dawn. By that afternoon, a trap was set after inspecting the roof and attic spaces. Later that evening, we heard the trap rumble above us. Sure enough the raccoon was trapped. Jerry came first thing in the morning, just before a storm, to remove the raccoon and cover the hole where it was getting in with plastic. He wanted to make sure there were no more raccoons before closing out the job. Jerry was very professional, polite and thankful for our business. He obviously is knowledgeable about his job and takes it very seriously. I hope we no longer have critter issues again, but if we do, we will definitely call him again.”

Very Reasonable Rates

Tim – North Aurora

“Jerry and his crew are definitely the ones to call if you have a skunk problem. I called Jerry on a Saturday afternoon and by Sunday morning he was out setting a trap to remove a skunk living beneath our shed. Monday morning came and the skunk had dug an alternate exit from beneath the shed. Persistent and with knowledge of how to direct the skunk into the trap, Jerry set up barriers so that the skunk would only have one way in/out. Tuesday morning, the very large skunk was caught and removed by Jerry! If you have a skunk problem, don’t wait – call Jerry. You don’t find courteous, customer service like this anymore! Very reasonable rates. You won’t be disappointed.”

Dealing With The Insurance Agency Was Simple

L.C., Lockport, Illinois

“We had a mother raccoon that had 3 babies in a part of our attic where it was very difficult to find them because of the layout of our tri-level home. Jerry went above and beyond finding the babies and did an excellent job decontaminating and fixing the damage from the raccoons. Plus, dealing with the insurance agency was simple since Jerry documented all of the damage, sent a quote, and a check was sent immediately. Thanks for minimizing the headache of this problem guys!”

He Called Me Back Within An Hour

Chantale S.

“I called Jerry and left a voicemail about a skunk we had living under the front step of our home. He called me back within an hour and came over the same day to set a trap. A few days later, he removed the skunk and set up a temporary barrier so that we would know if any more skunks were trying to get in/out. Once the weather warms up, we will set the hole with concrete to eliminate any more critters. Jerry was professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He followed up several times throughout the process and offered great advice on how to keep the critters out in the future. If I ever have another critter problem, I’ll call Jerry!”

Website Online Form

Bonnie K

“We contacted Jerry through his website online form over the weekend and got a call from him first thing Monday morning. He actually came out that day and checked the house for animals, as we had been hearing some noises at night. He was friendly, professional, and very educated on this subject. He explained everything he was doing and was very thorough. He took care of us at a very reasonable cost and we appreciate it. Would most definitely recommend Jerry to friends or family in the area.”

6 Babies Under Our Front Step

Peter, Aurora IL

“We had a mother skunk and 6 babies under our front step. Before I knew about Jerry, I called another company to solve the problem. Big mistake. They proved to be useless and way over priced. I next discovered Jerry, and I couldn’t be happier with Jerry’s work. He has a lot of animal behavior savvy which he used to evaluate my circumstances and to create a step by step solution. Jerry was very responsive, offered good customer service, and provided good value.”

Local Reviews

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 27 customer reviews

Map of Glen Ellyn, IL

Great service, so happy!

Jerry came and was so efficient! Got the huge racoon who took up residence in our attic. Could not be happier with his service and price! Thank you Jerry!

Map of Batavia, IL

Quick Catch!

Had a raccoon living under my deck. Jerry came out, set a trap and caught the raccoon the next day! Thanks Jerry!

Map of Melrose Park, IL

Great service

Jerry is a pro

Map of Naperville, IL

Quick response...knowledgeable and professional.

Jerry was easy to reach and prompt in replying to my questions. His prices are reasonable and he won’t charge you unnecessarily. My neighbor recommended him and I will definitely use him again if needed.

Map of Lemont, IL

Great personalized service!

Jerry did a great job getting rid of a smelly skunk situation at our school.

Map of West Chicago, IL

Prompt service

Jerry was prompt to address the problem with squirrels that we had.

Map of Lemont, IL

So helpful!

Quick response, very professional and thorough.

Map of Hinsdale, IL

Fabulous service

Called about our skunk problem,in one day trap was set and skunk was gone.

Map of Naperville, IL

We got the skunk!

Jerry is knowledgeable and patient. It took a few days, but we got the skunk that was underneath our deck.

Map of Downers Grove, IL

Big Help w Big Problem

Jerry was a big help in getting rid of the large rodent that had dug its way under our front porch while we were on vacation.

Jerome  L.

Jerome L.

Successful raccoon trapping and removal in Plainfield , IL

Near Heritage Meadows Dr, Plainfield, IL 60585
Plainfield, IL - Successful raccoon trapping and removal in Plainfield , IL
Jerome  L.

Jerome L.

Completion of successful skunk trapping and removal in Brookfield , IL.

Near Raymond Ave, Brookfield, IL 60513
Jerome  L.

Jerome L.

Successful skunk and opposum trapping and removal in Batavia , IL .

Near Kingsbury Ct, Batavia, IL 60510
Jerome  L.

Jerome L.

Raccoon trapping and removal in Lyons , IL .

Near Fishermans Terrace, Lyons, IL 60534
Jerome  L.

Jerome L.

Successful , professional raccoon trapping and removal in Batavia , IL.

Near W Monticello Rd, Batavia, IL 60510
Batavia, IL - Successful , professional raccoon trapping and removal in Batavia , IL.
Jerome  L.

Jerome L.

Successful , professional raccoon trapping and removal in Glen Ellyn , IL

Near Prince Edward Rd, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Jerome  L.

Jerome L.

On going successful raccoon trapping and removal in Elgin , IL.

Near N Lyle Ave, Elgin, IL 60123
Elgin, IL - On going successful raccoon trapping and removal in Elgin , IL.
Jerome  L.

Jerome L.

Expert , professional raccoon trapping and removal in Schaumburg. IL.

Near Peach Ln, Schaumburg, IL 60194
Schaumburg, IL - Expert , professional  raccoon trapping and removal in Schaumburg. IL.
Jerome  L.

Jerome L.

Professional opposum trapping and removal in Lockport , IL

Near Gilbert Dr, Lockport, IL 60441
Jerome  L.

Jerome L.

Successful , professional squirrel trapping and removal in Downers Grove , IL.

Near Tower Rd, Downers Grove, IL 60515