Raccoon Removal in Naperville, IL

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Raccoon removal in Naperville is no problem for Nuisance Wildlife Control. Raccoon trapping removal exclusion is our specialty. It’s no surprise that raccoons and other nuisance wildlife desire to share this beautiful town with Naperville’s residents. Having grown up in Naperville, Illinois, I have seen a small rural farming community grow to one of the largest cities in the state of Illinois. Naperville, located in both Dupage and Will counties of Northeast Illinois, is known as one of Chicago’s most robust suburbs, boasting a lively and historic downtown area with numerous retail shopping opportunities. Naperville is also blessed With the many expansive forest and prairie preserves, along with the “mighty” Dupage River and its many creeks and tributaries. Raccoons are very abundant in and around Naperville. This our backyard and have been trapping and removing raccoons and making repairs caused by raccoon damage for over 15 years. Naperville raccoons have never had it better. We also remove raccoon babies from attics, celings and walls from both homes and commercial properties. If you are experiencing raccoon noises or hearing baby raccoons crying from inside your home or building, use our appointment scheduler to set an appointment.

Skunk removal in Naperville, IL

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Not only is Naperville a hospitable town for the raccoon, the City also provides superb skunk habitat. Skunks are found along active train tracks or old abanded tracks turned to hiking trails. Skunks are commonly found near the Dupage river and its many tributaries . Skunks are most noticable in spring when they excavate their dens around concrete porches and stoops. Later in the summer, skunks are digging up lawns looking for grubs. We are experts at trapping and removing adult and baby skunks throughout the year. The best solution to skunk problems beneath porches or buildings is to screen or block them out. Close off all potential entrances or openings under houses, garden tool sheds, mobile homes, porches, and decks with quarter-inch mesh hardware cloth. Skunks will work hard to get into a desirable denning space, so take care to make fittings good and tight. If there is soil underneath the potential entrances, bury the wire six below grade inches to insure a good seal. Use our appointment scheduler to set an appointment.

Beaver trapping and removal in Naperville, IL

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Beavers can take newly planted trees down over night. If you live in Naperville, IL. and have beavers chewing your trees down, take action immediately to prevent further property damage. If you can see beaver dams along your waterways, beware, beavers cost homeowners and associations thousand of dollars each year. Nuisance Wildlife Control is uniquely eqipped and has years of experience to deal with these crafty engineers.

Bat removal and exclusion in Naperville, IL

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Nuisance Wildlife Control is your local expert for bat colony and bat exclusion in the Naperville area. Bat related diseases are always a concern with bats and bat colonies in buildings and homes. Nuisance Wildlife Control employs multiple non-lethal methods to legally and permanently rid your home or building of bats. We are also capable of safe bat guano removal from attics walls and floors. This includes safely removing all guano, all soiled insulation, and complete deodorizing and disinfecting of affected areas. Check with your insurance carrier about coverage for bat guano remediation. Insurance companies typically do not cover rodent, bird, vermin damage, however bats do not fall into any of these categories.

Things to see and do in Naperville

Centennial Beach

Centennial Beach has a rich history dating as far back as 1833 when limestone was quarried from the site to start the town of Naperville. The site was quarried until 1913 when water started leaking in from natural springs beneath the surface. The site was opened as a swimming facility in 1932. In 1969 the beach was taken over by the Naperville Park district. What makes Centennial beach unique is the dedication and comraderie of the lifeguard staff. Each lifeguard takes its job seriously and is trained in first aid, CPR and SCUBA.

DuPage Childrens Museum

The Dupage Children’s Museum, located at 301 N. Washington Street in Naperville is noted by its brightly colored building. The museum began modestly back in 1987 out of a van which travelled to schools, scout troops and preschools. Today the museum boasts three floors of interactive learning opportunities uncluding labs, interactive exhibits and even a cafe. The museum also hosts private parties. The mission of the Dupage Childrens Museum is “to ignite the potential of all children to learn through hands-on exploration by integrating art, math, and science.”

Naperville River Walk

The Naperville River Walk was once a dirt path that followed a series of retaining walls along the West Branch of the Dupage River through downtown Naperville. Today this 1.75 mile linear park is a place of tranquil beauty and serves as a model for other urban waterways throughout the nation. Designed by Richard Hitchcock, the first two blocks of the project were built in 1981 as Naperville entered its sesquicentennial year. The river walk boasts many features such as a water fountain, covered bridges, parks including a skate park and the The Millennium Bell Tower.

Wentz Concert Hall

Can’t make it to Chicago? No worries – Wentz Concert Hall is hailed as one of the finest live music venues in the western suburbs. Located at 171 E. Chicago Ave. in downtown Naperville, Wentz Concert hall is part of the campus of North Central College. Opened in 2008, the 13,000 square foot concert hall has a capacity of 617 people and features adjustable curtains to fine tune acoustics for particular artists and musical genres. Musicians who have performed there regard Wentz Concert Hall as “acoustically perfect”. The venue regularly features national music acts such as Colbie Caillat, Los Lonely Boys, Herb Alpert, Herbie Hancock, Ramsay Lewis and Yo-Yo Ma. It is also home base to the Dupage Symphony Orchestra.

Naper Settlement

Naperville Settlement, located at 523 S. Webster Street is a 12 acre 19th century living history museum which includes some thirty preserved historic buildings and a staff of costumed interpreters. They tell the story of how in life has changed from its beginnings in 1831 as a small outpost to today’s bustling city of 147,000. The Naper Settlement, where history is “brought to life”, was established in 1969 by the Naperville Heritage Society and they continue today to further the reach of history education in Northern Illinois. The Settlement has a full calendar of events which include the popular “Civil War Days” civil war re-enactment. Other popular events are the Naper Nights Concert Series, Oktoberfest and the Christkindle Market, the ownly suburban location for the ever popular German marketplace. The settlemnt also provides for private wedding ceremonies at the historic Century Memorial Chapel. Built in 1864, this historic wedding venue provides the perfect atmosphere with its stained glass windows and Gothic Renaissance style architecture.

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Property damage can occur when a raccoon seeks out a den within an attic, crawl space or porch. From early spring through summer, infants may be present.

Chimneys are common den sites for raccoons and their young.

If you have a wildlife intrusion in your home by a raccoon or a skunk, let Nuisance Wildlife Control and Removal help.

You can contact us at (630)416-9920 or on the web at https://nuisancewildlifetrapping.com

Successful Raccoon removal in Naperville, Illinois

Video transcription – “Successful Raccoon removal in Naperville”

Illinois licensed nuisance wildlife trapper Jerry Landry describes the process of a raccoon eviction from a Naperville, Illinois home. Visit us at www.trapper1.com if you are experiencing a wildlife intrusion into your home or business. We handle all forms of wildlife intrusions including raccoons, skunks, opossums, squirrels and bats.

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